The identity

Anokosha is based in Germany. It is created by GRASFiN for you. Anokosha combines the German know-how and the inspiration of the Aegean Sea breeze. Respect for its customers is its basic rule.Anokosha creates fashion in all widths of the planet. It manufactures and distributes jewelry, watches and fashion accessories.

Store Hours

Monday-Saturday 11am–7pm ET
Sunday 11am–6pm ET

It is acclaimed as a way of life and a name in fashion.

Anokosha’s headquarters is located in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg and markets its products worldwide.

Corporate and social Responsibility

Anokosha’s social responsibility concerns its commitments towards its customers, employees and the wider community. All together is a great family, in which Anokosha is developing at a fast pace, but mainly with respect and accountability.

Our Thought

The purpose of Anokosha’s creation is to offer through its creations complete fashion suggestions. Our goal: In every woman and man there is a shining side, which Anokosha wants to highlight. Using its experience with finesse and the best quality, it is able to reveal the most glamorous, attractive side of both women and men.

The Vision of Anokosha

Be an inspiration of your every moment, in all widths and lengths of the planet. Why Anokosha stands out. The finesse, the right quality and the attention to detail make Anokosha’s collections stand out.

The noble metals and semi-precious stones in the hands of the designers and craftsmen of Anokosha take a special life because, together with the art and the passion for every creation, they also put a piece of their soul. So, we manage to give each of our creations the distinctive style that every woman or man needs and every moment as well. The special design, elegance and quality of every Anokosha accessory allow them to be worn individually or in combination, depending on the time, the occasion and your mood. Every series of accessories from Anokosha complements and completes fashion suggestions. In this way we offer our clients alternative and new experiences to refresh their style every time.

“Every object of Anokosha is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity and information about the product that comes into your hands.”

Our World

Anokosha design team with top designers offers every time complete solutions in a unique style, keeping up with or even creating fashion trends, thus offering solutions to everyday life for every special moment, but always with the guarantee and seal of Anokosha.

The design of every piece of Anokosha extends to every field that can compose its overall image. The presentation of products, the promotional material, the integrated communication strategy and the decoration of outlets are essential elements of its identity, making it special and recognizable.

Our Stores


Küferstraße 44, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar
+49 (0) 711 5043 1110

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