Silver Coral Red




The coral we know is the skeleton of many small marine animals that lived together, having formed a colony. Because corals create formations that look like twigs, people until 1730 believed they were plants. The ancient Egyptians dedicated them to Isis, and the Romans to Aphrodite. The word coral probably has a Greek etymology: κόρη- αλός, that is, daughter of the sea.

Energy properties of the Coral

The stone for a happy married life. It promotes peace and wisdom. It hides the wisdom and the creative energy of the sea. It strengthens and protects our emotional center. It helps in anemia, lethargy and period pains. It favors the treatment of paralysis and digestion, calms fear, brings us in harmony with nature and gives us objectivity and clear thinking. It highlights creativity, passion, romantic love, wisdom, optimism and enthusiasm.

Additional information

Stones :

8MM Coral Red beads

Metal Beads :

Three 8MM special 925 oxidized Silver beads with GRASFiN logo
12x8MM 925 Silver bead with Anokosha logo

Packaging :

Comes with a luxurious storage box


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