Silver Hematite




Hematite is a mineral, which in terms of its chemical composition is iron oxide. Its name is of Greek origin, and is due to its color. Not the color of the mineral, which is dark gray, but the color of the powder line (the dust when it is rubbed), which is red, just like the color of blood. Hematite is an opaque mineral, has a metallic glow, and its color is gray – silver to black. It has been used in jewelry-making since 3000 BC.

The Egyptians carved scarabs on hematite and the Cretans, the Mycenaeans, and ancient Greeks were familiar with it. Hematite is a typical mineral found in iron mines, and exists in many areas of the planet. It is tougher than iron, but also more fragile.

Energy properties of the Hematite

It offers wealth, love, well-being, abundance, vitality and courage for a new beginning. It relieves stress, brings renewal, tranquility and stimulates self-confidence. Hematite gives strength, balance, optimism, will, courage, peace and good mood. It works as a tonic, enhances memory, facilitates concentration of thought and helps solve practical, technical and financial problems. It helps to detach and remove negativity.
It helps in legal affairs and judicial struggles because it enables us to distinguish the superficial from the underlying causes of events. It relieves us of persistent ideas and addictions. It regulates blood circulation and acts beneficial to conditions such as anemia. It can help in the treatment of liver, kidney or lung diseases. It helps to align the spine, leg cramps and treatment of rheumatism. It takes care of the heart, the nervous system and relieves the symptoms of epilepsy.

Additional information

Stones :

8MM Hematite beads

Metal Beads :

Three 8MM special 925 oxidized Silver beads with GRASFiN logo
12x8MM 925 Silver bead with Anokosha logo

Packaging :

Comes with a luxurious storage box


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