Silver Malachite Green




Malachite is an opaque material with a characteristic green color, consisting of layers, in light and dark green alternating.
Malachite has been used for jewelry and ornaments since the era of Egyptian civilization. The “Malachite Room” at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, stands out because it is decorated with Malachite. There is also a huge jar, also made of malachite. Its name is of Greek origin and it comes from the mallow plant, obviously due to its color. Its producing countries are Congo, Russia, Namibia, Mexico, and the US.

Energy properties of the Malachite

It can attract love, peace, power, protection, success and help those who are unlucky in love. It brings abundance to its owner but you can offer it to a partner in order to ensure as much as possible his professional dedication and progress. It is considered to be the guardian of airmen and all those who travel by plane. It eliminates negativity, fears and frustration and helps us take initiatives and risks. It takes care of the balance of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and mental capabilities. It releases stagnated negative energy and accumulated anger. It is a metamorphosis stone and prepares us for the process of taking over.

It helps a lot those who suffer from their kidneys, especially from colic. It regulates blood pressure and the parathyroid and it fights swollen joints and tumors.

It stimulates the functioning of the pancreas, spleen, stomach, liver, nervous system and enhances vision. It helps broken bones to bind, heal wounds and it reduces arthritic pains. It protects against radioactivity and helps in the reproduction of tissues. It fights diabetes at an early stage.

It can support your decision to stop smoking in order to reduce the symptoms and progression of emphysema.

Additional information

Stones :

8MM Malachite Green beads

Metal Beads :

Three 8MM special 925 oxidized Silver beads with GRASFiN logo
12x8MM 925 Silver bead with Anokosha logo

Packaging :

Comes with a luxurious storage box


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