Silver Mat Jasper




Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony in yellowish-red-brown colors. This color is due to various iron oxides. It often shows streaks or stigmas.
The word jasper is Greek and it refers to Theophrastus and the Bible. It was a well-known gem in antiquity and it was given strong powers. Pharaoh Nechepsus of Egypt wore it as an amulet in the form of a snake which emitted sun rays.

Energy properties of the Jasper

It attracts wealth, luck and love. It grants health, balance, vitality, well-being, beauty, longevity, optimism and energy. It offers strength, perseverance and patience to complete some work we have started but it does not seem to come to an end. It fills us with passion, courage and determination to make them right. According to the mystic tradition, it is the mother of all stones because it protects, nourishes and cares for the rest of the minerals. It provides protection from vertigo, ghosts and cardiac conditions. It protects against the evil eye and all negative energy. It is a gem of health; it strengthens and detoxifies the blood and liver. It relieves snake and spider bites. It helps in the rapid healing of wounds and strengthens therapies for skin diseases. It removes the unpleasant odors of the body.

Additional information

Stones :

8MM Mat Jasper beads

Metal Beads :

Three 8MM special 925 oxidized Silver beads with GRASFiN logo
12x8MM 925 Silver bead with Anokosha logo

Packaging :

Comes with a luxurious storage box


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