Silver Tiger Eye




The Eye of the Tiger is a translucent quartz variety with a golden-yellow color that looks like a moving silk shine.

It was discovered in 1964 by Sid Pieters. A rare and expensive type of tiger eye that looks like pietersite is called marra mamba, which has been named after the homonymous region in Australia from where it is mined.

Energy properties of the Tiger Eye

It offers health, courage and strength for a more energetic treatment of life.
It gives perception, sharp thinking and insight. It favors meetings and communication and is considered as the stone of luck. It symbolizes wealth and abundance in all its forms. It abates fears and doubts, harmonizes internal contradictions and conflicts.

It protects against accidents, malicious attacks, negative energy, evil eye, curses and geopathic stress. It works as a tonic and antidepressant. It is ideal for those who want to start some kind of detoxification.

It supports treatments regarding the brain and emotion. It is good for the skin, nails and hair. It stimulates the heart and generally the circulatory system, but also the kidneys.
It helps those who have hearing problems. It offers endurance and balances any malfunction of the body. It strengthens the immune system, especially brittle bones, teeth and soles.

Additional information

Stones :

8MM Tiger Eye beads

Metal Beads :

Three 8MM special 925 oxidized Silver beads with GRASFiN logo
12x8MM 925 Silver bead with Anokosha logo

Packaging :

Comes with a luxurious storage box


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